Friday, January 30, 2009

Google's New SearchWiki Tool Lets Users Give Their Two Bits

Googlers now have the ability to re-rank, delete, add and comment about the results coming in on their queries. The hope is that with enough users chiming in and providing feedback, Google will be able to sharpen its accuracy in determining what exactly people are looking for. The tough part will be getting enough people using it.

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) More about Google has released a new search editing tool that gives users more control over their results. SearchWiki enables users to customize their searches by re-ranking, deleting, adding and even commenting on their search results. Users will also be able to see how others have edited their searches; however, the edits will only apply to their personal searches.

Better Search

Google's SearchWiki will help users over time while also benefiting Google.

It will improve the relevancy of results from Google because of the contributions they will provide over time.

In the long term, as increasing numbers of searchers use the Wiki and indicate what they believe the results should have been or would have liked them to be, Google can alter the search results to jibe with their input.

Everybody Wiki

The tough part that Google has to confront, however, is adoption.

The value in SearchWiki will come from large adoption of the tool by users.

This is probably a good thing for Google users over time in terms of helping shaping relevancy of search results and it will probably be a profitable thing for Google in the long term in terms of its contribution to the engine search results. The toughest challenge will be the adoption.


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